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    This is for Jay Kennedy. Im still making it ;)

    This is for Jay Kennedy. Im still making it ;)

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Spanish,Italian,English and French ;) (And someday,Deutsch >w<)

Feel free to ask me if you want :)

"Wer seine Träume der Wirklichkeit opfert...gibt sich für immer geschlagen"-Holger Badstuber

"If you sacrifice your dreams,you admit defeat forever"

"El que sacrifica sus sueños a la realidad,...Asume su derrota para siempre..."

Hi friends...My name is Rocío :3 I like doing Silent Hill and Resident Evil fanarts :3
I love History, I think it is very interesting,especially things related about Second World War,German soldiers,American soldiers,the cruelty of those years of war...I think you learn a lot if you know about the past. Im from Spain but my father is from Italy. Anyway, I LOVE Germany,Japan and France and their unique history ;). I really like medicine too :)
My deviantart account:
I hope I will make a lot of friends here,because I see a lot of fanarts and awesome pics in this site :3
I have more pics in my gallery if you want to see it :3
If you follow me,this will mean a lot for me ^^
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rociiio1
-Shingeki no Kyojin (Jean Kirschtein <3)
Vampire Knight
Holger Badstuber
The Hunger Games
Resident Evil,
Silent Hill...(Videogames in General),languages,travelling,people and drawing :) ).
I like these actors:
Max Riemelt,Tom Schilling,Jude Law,Thomas Kretschmann,,Mila Kunis and Michael Fassbender,Timothy Boldt (L)
I love my PS3. I love playing Resident evil,Silent Hill and Uncharted series ;).My ID is RociiioDA,If you want to add me ;).
My fanarts:
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